Great American – Women Trudy Jacobson

Trudy Jacobson Presents:

Kara Smith, DeliverFund

Kara Smith has a passion for fighting against human trafficking and has dedicated her career to help law enforcement catch these bad guys. She is the Chief of Analytics with DeliverFund, a non-profit private Intelligence organization that combats human trafficking.

“It’s happening everywhere, in every city and in every state in this country,” she said.

Her job is to provide analysts and law enforcement with up-to-date practices, methodologies, and tools to fight this crime. She is so good at what she does that one of DeliverFund’s donors appropriately nicknamed her “The Huntress” after seeing how she hunts down human traffickers. She loves what she does and is passionate about it because she hates bad people exploiting others and wants to see them accountable for their actions.

The most rewarding part for her is knowing she has done something that has affected somebody’s life…the fact that the victims get justice and knowing that by putting a trafficker behind bars, she has protected future victims. She has some great advice for women who are nervous about stepping up and taking those first steps toward success.

“Being a woman and being passionate about something can be very scary for the world because when you’re a woman and truly passionate about something, nothing is going to stop you. And to continue on with those passions, there’s only one thing you need to know and that is to not let anybody ever tell you ‘no’.”

Trudy Jacobson is proud to sponsor a new series called Great American Women, which showcases stories of inspiring and ambitious female philanthropists and entrepreneurs. “I’m so grateful for my opportunities along the way. Now I want to play a major role in sharing the stories of other Great American Women.”

The women featured are business owners and leaders in their field who have great information and motivational stories to share.

“There are women who deserve to be recognized for what they’ve accomplished in life.”

The series also talks about the trials and tribulations the women have endured, and how hard work and their determination keep them going no matter what obstacles are thrown their way. Trudy is familiar with adversity and has learned the importance of overcoming challenges. Early in her career she began working in the trucking business.

Being in a male-dominated business, she experienced discrimination but went on to become a very successful truck driver, worked up to management and alongside her husband, started a trucking company.

Her entrepreneurial accomplishments is what earned her the nickname “Lady Trucker”. While experiencing her success, she had the misfortune of encountering a woman whom she thought was a friend, and whom she hired to help her with her public relations.

Over the course of 13 months, Trudy began to think something wasn’t right and realized she was being conned out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Never one to let adversity keep her down, she decided to move forward and make something good out of something bad. “The main reason I’ve been successful is because I never make or accept excuses.” She knows it’s important to celebrate success and not let problems get in the way of achieving dreams.

Trudy Jacobson is proud to present Great American Woman, a web series dedicated to showcasing the stories of inspiring and ambitious female philanthropists and entrepreneurs. These women are leaders in their field, and their stories will motivate and encourage other women to pursue their own dreams.

Like Trudy Jacobson, these women are at the top of their game, and their tales will inspire and motivate other women to achieve their own aspirations.

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