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About Great American Women

Trudy Jacobson

Trudy Jacobson’s story is one of hard work, perseverance,  and overcoming adversity. She proved that despite the hurdles thrown at her, she always found a way to successfully climb over them. Trudy has been a source of inspiration to her family, friends and strangers alike. She continues to inspire women everywhere, helping them become Great American Women. 

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“I’m at a place in life where I want to share the successes of women whom I admire. I’m so grateful for my opportunities along the way and want to pay it forward. I feel inspired to sponsor the Great American Women series because there are women who deserve to be recognized for what they’ve accomplished in life, sometimes out of necessity, sometimes out of ambition, sometimes out of creativity, that spirit of entrepreneurship.” – Trudy Jacobson

Trudy Jacobson Presents: Great American Women

Trudy Jacobson is proud to present Great American Women, a web series dedicated to showcasing the stories of inspiring and ambitious female philanthropists and entrepreneurs. These women are leaders in their field and their stories will motivate and encourage other women to pursue their own dreams.

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