Trudy Jacobson Presents: Ozge Cumberland, Retired Professional Athlete & VP of Primary Arms


Ozge Cumberland of Primary Arms became successful at her company largely due to her level of discipline, which was forged from her career as a professional athlete.



Becoming a professional athlete requires a high level of discipline. Professional athletes need to maintain their physical fitness, remain mentally tough, control their emotions, manage their time effectively, be self-motivated, work well with their team, and follow the rules of their sport and organization. They must have a strong work ethic, a positive attitude, and a continuous drive to improve themselves.



These are the exact qualities that make a great businesswoman in the corporate world. And these are all the qualities that can be found in Ozge Cumberland, another Great American Woman.



Ozge is no stranger to athletics. Originally from Turkey, Ozge had a natural inclination for sports. She mastered and became a professional swimmer and tennis player. But she is best known for her career as a professional basketball player.



Always Striving For More



“I ended up becoming a professional basketball player and retired from there. And that’s the reason I came to the United States,” Ozge said.



It wasn’t long after arriving to America that Ozge put her knowledge and skills to the test and starting coaching basketball. But that wasn’t enough for her; she knew there were more challenges out there and wanted to pursue them. Her inner drive to be the best started to show.



“I was hungry… learning and learning. I wanted to learn more every day. And I had to put the effort in, I had to study more, I had to spend more time in certain areas. I had to create more relationships so I can soak information from them,” she said.



It wasn’t long before her potential for great success in the corporate world was discovered. She then found herself as the Corporate Vice President for a large weapons equipment industry company, Primary Arms Optics



“Primary Arms is actually five different businesses under one roof. It’s under one umbrella,” Ozge said.



Ozge’s advice to other women out there is straightforward. “If you really want something and adopt something, and if you have the passion for it, you go for it,” she said. Ozge invites you to learn all about Primary Arms by visiting their website.



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