Trudy Jacobson Presents: Lisa Song Sutton, Thriving Entrepreneur


Lisa Song Sutton is a thriving entrepreneur who finds unimaginable success in everything she gets involved in, starting with being Miss Nevada.



Some people are gifted with the ability to turn everything they touch into gold.
Lisa Song Sutton is one of those people.
Her list of accomplishments are so long (and growing), that we couldn’t even list any one business venture in the title for this article. We simply settled on “thriving entrepreneur”.
And for good reason. She has been succeeding in every venture she has undertaken, starting as an attorney, later becoming a pageant. Lisa has the title of both Miss Las Vegas and Miss Nevada, impressive feats of accomplishments. It’s part of the reason she had the confidence to go from a 9 to 5 job and into entrepreneurship.
“There’s a million different ways to do it [entrepreneurship], but the key is to actually just do it because if you don’t, you’re always left wondering,” Lisa said.
And she definitely “did it.” 



Lisa The Entrepreneur and Her Path to Success



Her first business venture included two of Las Vegas’ most symbolic items, food and alcohol, in Sin City Cupcakes.
“I started my first venture with a partner and co-founder Danielle called Sin City Cupcakes. We started that truly on a whim. I didn’t know how to bake when we started the company. I just thought alcohol cupcakes sounded like a great idea,” Lisa said.



lisa song sutton

Sin City Cupcakes is a tourists’ delight, but she wasn’t satisfied yet. She then went on to acquire a real estate license. Lisa learned from the cupcake business that as long as she has the right partner and team, it will succeed. She then partnered up with a broker, and that business took off as well – but she wasn’t done yet – she moved onto the mailbox business.
“I have several locations of a mailbox rental pack and ship store called Ship Las Vegas. We’re an independent mailbox rental pack and ship store,” Lisa said.



An Entrepreneur Helping the Veteran Community



An already proven entrepreneur, she wanted to give back to other entrepreneurs and help them out, particularly entrepreneurs from the veteran community.
“I’m the general partner in a venture capital fund called The Veteran Fund. We invest in entrepreneurs who are veterans and military spouses,” Lisa said. “All of us truly share the same vision around wanting to help empower the veteran community in a very meaningful way.”
Lisa fully credits America with having the opportunity to accomplish so much. America gives every citizen the opportunity to start a business, build an empire and achieve great success. Lisa wants you to know that, too.
Lisa said, “You shouldn’t ever feel like, ‘oh because I’m scared to do something’ as a reason not to do it. It’s actually totally the reason that you should give it a try and do it.”
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