Trudy Jacobson Presents: Jenilee Wirtz Of Carefree Boating


Jenilee Wirtz started Carefree Boating with the intention of helping families create lasting, loving memories with each other.



Jenilee Wirtz of Carefree Boating in Connecticut has fond childhood memories of boating with her family. She spent entire summer days out in the boat with her father, enjoying beautiful weather and creating lasting memories. Although her father has since passed away, Jenilee still carries with her those precious memories.
Now she wants to help create more memories, but not for her. She wants to help families everywhere build precious moments that will create lasting memories.
And she wants to do it with the one thing she is very passionate about – boating.
“Just that time that we spend out on the water. When it’s quiet and you’re out there and you’ve got a line in the water, that’s where the good stuff is. We’re constantly getting families out,” Jenilee said.
Jenilee combined her passion of boating and her ambition to succeed as a professional woman and entrepreneur. That’s why she created Carefree Boating. The membership-based boat club provides its members a boat to use without hassle and commitment. When you own a boat, you must wash, maintain, repair it and so on.



The Carefree Boating Industry



It’s a model Jenilee calls ‘boating without owning.’
Her dual goals of helping families build memories and building a business around boating he been very successful overall, but it wasn’t an easy venture.
Boating has always been a male-dominated industry, but that didn’t shy Jenilee away from pursuing her dreams. In fact, not only has she pursued her dreams of running a successful boating business, but she developed a passion along the way that wants more women to become empowered.
“It’s been such a thing, ‘the captain is the man, the woman is the first mate.’ We are making women captains, and I couldn’t be more proud of that. We have some women that have no boating experience… we bring that for them,” Jenilee said.
She empowers her female staff members to train as captains as well.
“When we are able to train a female captain and get her through our training process, and get her comfortable at the helm, that is one of the most empowering feelings ever,” Jenilee said. 




“Boating without owning.”



Jenilee’s success as an entrepreneur and as a leader resonates with women everywhere. She is a model example to women that if you believe in something and you have the passion and drive, you can overcome any obstacle no matter what industry you are in.
Her final message to future female entrepreneurs everywhere is, “I would just say go for it. We get an idea that we’re scared to jump into it, you’ve got to take the first step and you’ve got to go for it. It’s ok if you fail, just go for it.”
You can learn more about Jenilee Wirtz and Carefree Boating by visiting, call 1 (866) U-BOATING and check out their Facebook page.



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