Trudy Jacobson Presents: Angela Parretta, Fitness Guru & Former NFL Cheerleader Turned Business Owner


Angela has always been a fitness guru and athletic, leading her to become an NFL cheerleader. But now her focus has shifted to helping others get and stay healthy with her fitness studio, Drenched OC.



Angela Parretta has always been into health and fitness from an early age. She has used her passion to help others stay healthy as a fitness instructor for nearly 30 years. 
During that time, her commitment to staying physically fit has led her to other significant accomplishments that cannot be ignored.
“I have been in the fitness industry since my early 20’s. I’ve always danced, I’ve always been a cheerleader… I cheered in college. And then I became a professional cheerleader with the Superbowl-winning Kansas City Chiefs! I cheered for them for three years,” Angela said.
Becoming an NFL cheerleader is no easy feat. It requires a complex blend of physical attributes with a dynamic personality as the cheerleading team must interact with the public and represent the organization. The NFL selects only the most talented, gifted, and physically fit candidates.
After her stint with the Kansas City Chiefs, Angela knew she wanted more. She knew she wanted to connect with people from all walks of life and find a way to help them.
“It’s just really important for me to have a human connection and for people to know that whatever they’re going through, whether it’s in this room [Pilates studio], a hard move or if it’s outside this room, a hard situation going on their life… you’re not alone,” Angela said.



drenched oc owner


Angela loves talking fitness.



Fitness with Heart



She found a way to connect her passion for fitness with her desire to help people and opened a Pilates studio, Drenched OC. It’s a specialty studio where temperatures are very high, making people sweat even more. At first glance, that would make people uncomfortable. However, she says the positive feedback she gets from the workout is part of another benefit, first-class service.
“You’re going to feel really good about yourself the moment you walk in. I’ve had so many clients, older, different shapes, that say, ‘I’ve never felt so welcomed in a space like I do at Drenched,'” Angela said.
As a young entrepreneur, she experienced failure. It wasn’t always bright skies and sunshine. But that didn’t slow her down; that fueled her. And that’s the advice she wants to give other women looking to start something new.
“I definitely have many failures as a business owner. I just keep going… I just have to keep going because ultimate failure is not an option. I might have little failures, but they’re going to boost me up,” Angela said.
She continued, “I think that you have to just go in with Plan A and Plan A only; there is no Plan B. This has to work, and you just keep fighting for it.”
To learn more about Angela Parretta and Drenched OC, follow her studio’s Instagram page, personal Instagram page, and website,



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