Trudy Jacobson Presents: Sara Betz, A Rising Musician With A Love For The Veteran Community

Trudy Jacobson Presents: Sara Betz, A Rising Musician With A Love For The Veteran Community


Trudy Jacobson Presents: Sara Betz, A Rising Musician With A Love For The Veteran Community

Sara has been steadily working towards a successful music career and has promised the world she will always support the veteran community.

There are few professions in the world that 95% of Americans would agree to do for a living.

And being a professional rock and roll musician is one of them.

But those same people are probably only thinking about the fame and fortune of performing in front of thousands of people. Most will overlook the hard work, dedication, and commitment it takes to succeed in the music industry. It takes a special person to “make it in the music biz.”

And those who do “make it” often forget their roots and where they came from. They may leave everything behind and forget about the little people who were once in their lives.

But not Sara Betz.

Sara is an up-and-coming musician who promised to always support the veteran community and advocate for mental health. And so far, she is sticking to that promise.


Music Career

Sara has been building her music career and is making steady progress. She has a passion for singing, whether in front of a large crowd or a single person.

“I recently co-wrote a song for the front-line workers during the shutdown, and it later got picked up and aired on a reality show in Germany,” Sara said. “I’ve also performed at corner pubs where the old guy was the only person on a bar stool sipping his beer unenthusiastically listening to me to the amphitheater side stages with hundreds of people singing along to what I was projecting. That feeling was just magical.”



As she continues to grow and expand within the music industry, she reminds her fans how important it is to support the veteran community. And her reasons are profound.

“I recently met a veteran named Blackie at a VFW in South Jersey, and I just remember the passion in his voice while sharing his story about his crew celebrating the 60th anniversary of ‘raising the flag again celebration’ in remembrance of the Battle of Iwo Jima. He talked about his brothers while pouring his heart out – and it was so moving to witness,” Sara said.

Her desire to help veterans was solidified after she started dating a Marine who brought her closer to the veteran community.

“After we started dating, I got the opportunity to meet a lot more younger veterans from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. And for each one I spoke with, they each had their stories of those lost both on the battlefield and back here at home to suicide. It was an eye-opening experience. That is why I will always support veterans,” she said.

Over the summer, Sara had the opportunity to perform in front of hundreds of veterans at a VFW event. She had another opportunity not only to perform but also to speak to the veterans and see how they benefitted from the concert.

“Hearing the success stories of those who have survived suicidal thoughts. Watching veterans regain a sense of purpose through different avenues was just a total honor,” Sara said.

Although she is still building her music career, she wants to give every woman lasting advice that has helped her thus far.

“There is only one of you, and there will only ever be one of you, so remember you’re worth all of it. Learn from every experience, good or bad, because life will happen for you, not to you, and only you are the master creator of your life. Diamonds are created under a massive amount of pressure, and you are a gem, so keep on going!”

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