Trudy Jacobson Presents: Teri O’Donnell, Marine Turned Entrepreneur

Teri has learned the art of discipline, motivation and focus during her time as a Marine, and now she applies that to business.

The United States Marine Corps is world-renowned for its intense boot camp and mission focused training regimen. It is designed to push Marines and recruits to their physical and mental limits and to prepare them for the demanding nature of military service.
The lessons learned and the skills forged last a lifetime. And Teri knows that firsthand as she spent six years of her life in the Marine Corps.
And now Teri applies those skills to business and entrepreneurship.
“My experience as a Marine gave me so many skills that I have been able to apply in my everyday life as an entrepreneur. I have been able to apply my leadership skills, work ethic and problem-solving skills in franchising,” Teri said.
Teri is involved in several business ventures but has found a niche in the franchising industry. She credits her time as a Marine for her success.


“I discovered that franchise ownership is very aligned with military lifestyle and experience. I am able to follow a playbook and execute it; I have a passion for people, operations, and creating an awesome culture where people can thrive and I love leading teams,” said Teri.

Inspiring Advice

She understands how hard it is to be an entrepreneur but not all entrepreneurs start as Marines. They haven’t learned those valuable skills Teri acquired. But she does have valuable advice for other female entrepreneurs that will get them started on the right track.
“Everything can start with a call – it can be overwhelming but having someone helping you navigate the complexity, someone who has ‘been there done that’ will help. Start somewhere. Rome wasn’t built in a day,” Teri said.
She continued, “I have had challenges in personal and business life but I never dwell on it, I LEARN from it and always do better, I don’t give it any power.”
To learn more about Teri and her company visit, check out her YouTube channel, connect with her on LinkedIn and follow her Facebook group page here.

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