Miranda Fuller with VirTra, training our heroes virtually

In law enforcement, a large amount of focus is placed on training. Being able to react in situations that most people will never encounter and to keep calm and respond appropriately when an average person would panic and freeze. But how do you train for rare situations that might be impossible to recreate? Miranda Fuller has the answer.

Do it with virtual reality.

As the Vice President of Marketing at VirTra, Miranda leads a team of creative, strategic professionals who deliver immersive and effective virtual reality training simulators for military and law enforcement customers worldwide. With over 20 years of experience in marketing, business development, and sales, she has helped the company grow by cultivating strategic relationships and implementing innovative and impactful marketing campaigns.

But Miranda's impressive achievements don't stop there. She also has a strong background in the virtual reality and security industries. This enables her to understand her customers' needs and challenges and position VirTra as a trusted and reliable partner.

VirTra's VR police training simulators help prepare law enforcement officers for real-life incidents, so they and the communities they serve can remain safe. Each real-world judgmental use of force training simulator has immersive and intense scenarios that provide an in-depth look into human performance.

Since law enforcement professionals must make critical decisions in tense, uncertain, and rapidly evolving situations, their training methodology needs to factor in the human performance aspect of cognitive neuroscience and human physiology. To exceed these high demands, VirTra cuts no corners. They factor in the latest research on simulator technology at every stage of what VirTra does. Training scenarios are filmed in superior quality and contain the full fidelity of real actors—thus eliminating 'video game' training. VirTra's extensive branching options further increase realism by allowing scenarios to unfold based on the instructor, trainee, or team's decisions.

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For more information on VirTra, visit their website at https://www.virtra.com/  
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