Episode 10: Constance Payne

Trudy Jacobson Presents: Constance Payne, Surviving Everything Life Throws at You.

Constance Payne can be described as many things.  A protector, an advocate, a survivor, an actress, a professional stuntwoman, a forensic clean up specialist, and an Great American Badass.  

After advocating for a disabled man trapped in his deplorable home one day, she went home and found herself face to face with her own handgun as it was being aimed at her by her husband while he was under the influence of substance abuse.  Without missing a beat, she was back at work the very next day. 

“Mental health is important,” says Constance, “decompression is a big thing.”  She uses her inner strength to channel her outer strength and finds therapy in physical stunt work and acting.  “It allows me to go into semi-realistic situations in unrealistic circumstances, so I’m able to breathe and feel certain emotions and really get it out and know that I’m safe.”

“Everyday I get up, and I put my boots on, and I do my job,” she says, speaking about the importance of perseverance. 

Trudy Jacobson is proud to present Great American Woman, a web series dedicated to showcasing the stories of inspiring and ambitious female philanthropists and entrepreneurs. These women are leaders in their field, and their stories will motivate and encourage other women to pursue their own dreams.

Like Trudy Jacobson, these women are at the top of their game, and their tales will inspire and motivate other women to achieve their own aspirations.

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Trudy Jacobson is proud to present Great American Woman, a web series dedicated to showcasing female philanthropists and entrepreneurs.

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