Great American – Women Trudy Jacobson

Trudy Jacobson Presents: Gabrielle Stone, Author and Host of FML Talk Podcast

The Great American Women series is now in its third season and has a great line up of inspiring women with great stories to tell.

Gabrielle is an inspiration of what it means to bounce back, land on your feet, and then hit the ground running.  With her books, merchandise line, podcast, and more she has taken her multiple heartbreaking experiences and turned them into an inspirational story about what it means to heal.

Eighteen short months into Gabrielle’s first marriage, she learned that her husband was cheating.  She filed for divorce, and left him.  Two short weeks later, she met a man and they were set to take a romantic month long trip to Italy.  48 hours before the plane was set to take off, the relationship ended and Gabrielle’s adventure began as she journeyed into a trip of self reflection and the discovery of who she was and what she meant to herself.

In this episode, she talks about her heartbreak, her recovery through travel, and how she turned her own misadventures into a popular series that anyone who has ever experienced heartbreak can relate to in her books, podcasts series, and merchandise line.

Trudy Jacobson is proud to present Great American Woman, a web series dedicated to showcasing the stories of inspiring and ambitious female philanthropists and entrepreneurs. These women are leaders in their field, and their stories will motivate and encourage other women to pursue their own dreams.

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