Trudy Jacobson Presents: Patti Katter – Veteran Spouse, Podcaster, And Resiliency Expert


Patti has been a supporter of the veteran community for years. But she experienced overwhelming personal obstacles during that time and almost gave up – now she’s a voice for others.



When people suffer through trauma and tragedy, they are left with scars and pain. That is difficult enough to deal with, but then they are left with choices as to what to do next. 
Many people, unfortunately, bury their emotions and never speak of the issues again. This is too common and can manifest into other problems like addiction, alcohol abuse, depression, anxiety, and even suicide ideation.
But there is another choice.
People can also open up, seek help, talk about their feelings, and lay it all out for the world to hear. And that’s exactly what Patti Katter did.
Patti lost her mother to cancer several years ago and only seven months later, lost her father, who died of a broken heart. She had to make choices.
“After my parents passed, I had a long talk with myself and made a decision that would forever change my life and the lives of others. I chose to turn my pain, suffering, and trials into triumphs by doubling down to share my story and other inspirational stories from those who have overcome major obstacles and adversities in their lives,” Patti said.
Patti fought through other struggles along the way.
“My husband was severely wounded in combat, and I found myself his full-time caregiver early in my 30s. Many of our friends were killed in war, and several later passed away after combat due to mental and/or physical wounds of war,” she added.



patti katter



Patti used these major personal obstacles to help other people who have experienced similar challenges. She has been podcasting long before it was cool and has built a large platform of listeners.
She used her podcast to both talk about her challenges and to hear other peoples’ stories. Patti believes that these stories will give people hope.
But her struggles weren’t over. She recently dealt with another major setback that almost turned her world upside down.
“Less than a year ago, I developed a rare medical condition that almost left me blind! Thank God that the emergency treatment saved my sight. But for several months, there were no guarantees my sight would be saved. It’s still not perfect, but it will not stop me from my mission,” Patti said.
Thankfully everything worked out.
Using her past experiences on how to overcome personal obstacles, Patti went back to work on her podcast where she continues to be a voice and a source of inspiration. She wants to let women around the world know to never give up.
“We all have those moments and it’s up to us to choose how we handle them. Know that the strength is within you to get better and overcome anything, you just have to believe in yourself,” Patti said.
Listen to her podcast on her YouTube channel here, check out her website, and follow her on Instagram and Facebook.



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